Top 26+ Easy and Simple Mehndi Designs for Eid and Weddings

Top 26+ Easy and Simple Mehndi Designs for Eid and Weddings

Discover delightful and simple henna designs for girls to adorn their hands and feet for any event. Additionally, henna plays an important role in our weddings and functions. Presently, mostly henna designs are really in trend for the past several years. These patterns reflect the true form of the classic version. Women of all ages prefer to wear on auspicious occasions like marriage or engagement ceremony. It is said that ‘Mehndi’ is invented in Arab where Muslim women used the leave of henna to get the mehndi for hands. Indian Henna has its own identity and specification to make it vary culturally. Nowadays, henna designs have gained the popularity too extent that no our occasion, event and function complete without applying it on hands, feet, and arms. Here find the best simple and easy best henna designs that range from kids to the married women.

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This is easy yet beautiful henna designs originate from an Indian. The design also deals with those girls who are going to become brides. For the marriage hands, this stunning-looking henna design is best. Once you get mastery over dealing with the perfect use of cone mehndi, you can able to draw the right texture and pattern. These designs can be loaded with hues or sparkles to include more ethnic look.

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This adorable design something really great and it looks exquisite. To wear this design you require different colors cone mehndi. As various types of mehndi now available in the markets nowadays. Take one dark and one light color, dark color mehndi for outlines and light color for shading. Your hands look really amazing when you apply mehndi by such technique. Enjoy the astounding and staggering idea for the next gathering!

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Simple and Easy henna design

This idea is really for those who are the newbie and feels difficulty to apply mehndi. They can take a good start by trying this small and beautiful mehndi design. They just need to draw straightforward outlines. Such simple and easy-going designs require less expertise and perfect for the beginners. Henna designs help them to muster up their skill by applying these designs for their hands or even feet.

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