Top 20 Front And Back Hands Simple Mehndi Designs Ideas

Top 20 Front And Back Hands Simple Mehndi Designs Ideas

The trend of mehndi neither fades nor diminishes. Girls wear mehndi for many events like Eid, Wedding, Dholak, Diwali, etc. the mehndi enhances the feel of the occasions because of their traditional look, color, and fragrance. The look of a girl completes with the Henna prints.

Mehndi designs vary from occasion to occasion. Like, the mehndi designs of a bride must be indicated, and fuller. On the other hand, the Eid Mehndi Designs can be kept simple and lighter. Following are the top 20 front and back hands simple mehndi designs ideas:

Multi Patterned And Geometrical Mehndi Designs

The multi-patterned and geometrical mehndi designs go for the girls who want to keep traditional and the modern look at one time.  The best part is the symmetry of the mehndi that makes it look super elegant. The net pattern is the most common in such mehndi designs. The bold and light patterns make the henna print look perfect on the hand. Such designs can be applied on both sides of the hands: front and back.

easy pakistani back hands mehndi designs

easy pakistani back hands mehndi designs ideas

easy pakistani hands mehndi designs ideas

Arabic Mehndi Designs

Arabic mehndi designs provide the traditional look. The Arabic mehndi design is of great interest for the brides as it fills the hands and the arms completely with flowers and leaves of varying sizes. The Arabic mehndi designs are one of the top designs that are desirable for the Eid and the wedding well. The brides love to wear Arabic mehndi designs on their dholak, mehndi, and Barat.

easy pakistani mehndi designs ideas

stylish pakistani mehndi designs ideas

indian fingers mehndi designs ideas

Simple Mehndi Designs

Girls who do not know how to apply mehndi or have not applied mehndi before must think of the simple mehndi designs. The simple mehndi designs are quite convenient to make that anyone can make. The beginners must start applying mehndi with simple designs. The simple mehndi designs include the flowers and the leaves. There are a number of flower patterns that you can apply. Following are few simple mehndi designs:

indian backhand mehndi designs ideas

indian backhand mehndi designs ideas

simple backhand mehndi designs ideas

  • Bunch of flowers - Bunch of flowers in the mehndi is an amazing print for the backhand.
  • Tikka mehndi designs – it is the most disable mehndi design for Nikah.
  • Shaded mehndi designs – shading in the mehndi designs are the easiest way of getting adorable mehndi print on the hand.  
  • Dark and light patterned mehndi designs – it is really convenient to create a fancy look with the help of dark and light patterns.

best backhand mehndi designs ideas

easy backhand mehndi designs ideas

easy backhand mehndi designs

Bridal Mehndi Design Ideas

Brides are really concerned about their mehndi designs. It is one of the most complicated ones which contain lots of trending patterns and motives. Below are a few amazing bridal designs that are in the trend nowadays:

full front hand mehndi designs for bridal

full front hand mehndi designs for bridal

back hand tikky mehndi design ideas

  • Bridal mehndi doodle mehndi designs
  • Bridal portrait mehndi designs
  • Mehndi designs with unique drawings
  • Trail patterned mehndi designs
  • Jhumki mehndi designs

simple arm mehndi design

back hand mehndi designs

tikki mehndi designs back hand

Full Hand And Arm Mehndi Designs

Mostly, the brides look for such fully covered designs, but every girl can wear such according to their interests. You can use the below-mentioned patterns to fill your front and backhands with mehndi.

indian hand and foot mehndi designs ideas

foot mehndi design ideas

  • Bangle or bracelet mehndi designs
  • Peacock mehndi designs
  • Free-flowing patterned mehndi designs
  • Net, dotes and criss-cross lines
  • Paisley mehndi designs
  • Drooling patterned mehndi designs