Simple And Easy Mehndi Designs Ideas For Youngers

Simple And Easy Mehndi Designs Ideas For Youngers

To wear mehndi is a ritual and tradition on the occasions of happiness like weddings. It is considered that to wear mehndi and its bright color is a good omen for girls. When it comes to the traditional mehndi, the hands and feet are fully covered in such mehndi designs. Many girls like Youngers do not like their hands to be completely filled with heavy mehndi.

Young girls usually do not know to apply the mehndi but they have an interest in wearing mehndi. So do not worry as there are many wonderful designs that are simple to create yet elegant to look. The simple and easy mehndi designs ideas for Youngers are listed below:

girls mehndi design ideas

arabic mehndi designs ideas

Floral Trails And Swirls

The floral trails and swirls are the most demanding and desirable mehndi designs for young girls. The young girls like the light but decent mehndi designs that create a stylish look. Anything that comes on social media becomes a sensation or a trend, and Youngers love to follow the trend. The light mehndi designs are one of them.

elegant front hands mehndi designs ideas

full front hands mehndi designs ideas

front hand heart mehndi designs ideas

Aztec Mehndi Designs

If you are a beginner and do not know how to apply the mehndi, then do not worry. Aztec mehndi designs are really simple to apply. You just need to make the small or big shaped diamonds, squares or triangles and adorn these. The Aztec mehndi designs are quite unique as this idea of mehndi has been taken from the clothing and the jewelry.

front hand tikky mehndi designs ideas

top back hand indian mehndi designs

School going girls like to embellish their hands with beautiful mehndi designs  but teeming the hands with mehndi motives and patterns do not suit them at all. So they must try t adorn their pretty hands with Aztec mehndi designs.

top fronthand indian mehndi designs

stylish fronthand indian mehndi designs

Doodle Mehndi Designs

Nowadays, the doodle is a new trend that young girls love to make. This doodle art can be easily recreated in the mehndi. The doodle art is a really fun art in which you can draw anything of our interest; any object, any character in a fun way.  the doodle making in the mehndi form on hands is an amazing way that is loveable by every girl.

stylish indian mehndi designs

indian tikky mehndi designs

indian mehndi designs

Hand Jewell Mehndi Designs

Such mehndi designs seem like the ornament or jewelry on the hand. The bracelet on the wrist can be made by using the floral trail. There is also another mehndi design that covers the fingers with the repetitions of the little motifs. This design does not fill the hand completely and spare the space for the ornament to wear if you want. Such fingertip mehndi design suits most to the girls with long fingers.

indian mehndi design ideas

easy fronthand mehndi designs

easy back hands mehndi designs

easy back hand mehndi designs

Paisley Mehndi Designs

Paisley mehndi designs provide a traditional and modern look at the same time. You can master the paisley mehndi design within a few days. The paisley mehndi designs adorn the back hand side and front hand side equally. If you really do not know how to apply mehndi then here are some techniques that you can use.

simple back hand mehndi design

unique mehndi design ideas for front hands

unique mehndi design ideas for back hand

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