22+ Latest inspiring mehndi designs in 2020

22+ Latest inspiring mehndi designs in 2020

As the New Year is coming so everyone is waiting to check the new trends. Girls are much curious about their upcoming trends of Latest mehndi designs, outfits, jewelry, sandals, and bags to follow. Every girl wanted to adopt the trend at first. If you are searching for the mehndi designs in 2020, then check out the below-mentioned mehndi designs.

2020 has come up with lots of mesmerizing additions in terms of mehndi motif and patterns. Adopting new and inspiring designs is the main approach of pretty ladies. They want to keep themselves up to date about the exciting and latest designs that let them make a beauty divine for others in the wink of an eye.

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Ornamental Mehndi Designs

Ornamental mehndi designs are not new but still, they are in trend with the little modification. The ornamental mehndi design can be applied to the hands and feet as well. The bracelet with a trail leading towards fingers is the beautiful mehndi design for backhand. The anklet mehndi print is trendy as well. The fingerprint mehndi covers the fingers fully or partially. These ornamental mehndi designs embellish the hand and feet in the most charming and adorable way.

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Indian mehndi design ideas

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Peacock Mehndi Designs

Peacock is a beautiful creature to be painted on the aisle and mehndi as well. The mirror peacock on both arms provides a great royal look. It comes in both categories: traditional as well as modern. The theme of peacock mehndi goes perfectly for the wedding. Bridal mehndi designs have changed a lot from a few previous years.

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inspiring bridal mehndi designs ideas

Portrait Mehndi Art

Mehndi is not only a ritual, but it is also an art that has no limitations or boundaries. If you are about to marry this New Year then you must take advantage of this super glamorous and gorgeous mehndi style. It involves the portrait of the groom or bride on the hands of bride which seems amazingly fascinating. This art is surely quite tough to be applied as a single mistake can damage the impact of it so it needs caution and calmness to be applied and dried.

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backhand mehndi designs ideas

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Glitter and Stone Art

The fashion of gorgeous and splendid stones is back. These enhance the look of mehndi design and are now felt to be a contemporary part of wedding functions. In addition to this, the use of colorful and shiny glitters adds more grace to the mehndi motifs. These are used to surround the petals, on fingers, around and inside Ambi, etc.

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Flower Mandala Mehndi Design

This design is a chic design which can be minimalist to the huge one. Create floral patterns to make the mandala even more appealing. Using the shades in it brings the most brilliant outcomes and lets you gain lots of praises and appreciation for your elegant design. This intricated mehndi design is accomplished by the use of circles and dots. It can be made on backhand as well as the front hand.

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Floral Spreadsheet Design

The combination of dots and floral patterns of midsize leads to the formation of floral spreadsheet design. This boosts up the grace of back hand and grants a look of the pretty garden on it.