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Ultimate Guide about Mehndi and Mehandi Designs

The immensely increasing attraction for the mehndi designs compelled us to aware you whole and sole about mehndi. Quench your thirst of knowing about your beloved mehandi designs and the impressive fact about it. So, let us not beat about the bush and move towards the ultimate guide about mehndi.

What is Mehndi?

The most amazing body art which is used to decorate the body was originated in the Arabian Peninsula. It is referred to as Mehendi designs. Let us first have a glance at what the mehndi is! Mehndi is basically a smooth solution or Paste which formed from the dried leaves of "Lawsonia inermis". It is the biological name of the henna plant. The word mehndi is basically devised “Mendhika”, which is a Sanskrit word. In addition to this Mehndi is also a pre-marriage ceremony which is celebrated by inviting guests and applying mehndi to the bride and groom. This Mehndi name is dedicated to the Mehndi function as mehndi is the highlight of the event. All the guests arrive at function and add colors of love and excitement to the mehndi function. Ladies gather to get their hands adorned with splendid and brilliant mehndi tattoos. It is a method of decoration of body while having quality time with friends and family.

Origin of Mehendi

It is massively popular and highly desirable part of fashion which was considered to be an essential ingredient of elegance and beauty by the ladies of the Asian subcontinent. Mughals were to be the propagators of Mehndi. Mehndi was originated in 19th century A.D in the subcontinent. Peeping into the history of mehendi designs reveals the fact that women of the Middle East, Africa, and Indian subcontinent used to apply henna designs on their body parts.

In ancient times, both turmeric and Mehndi were used by women and men in various customs. However, men used it on their palms while females used these to design their bodies.

Is It Safe to Use Henna?

When it comes to fashion and beauty then it is considered to use organic products only. It is because the inorganic products having chemicals in to can pose serious threats to human health. Inorganic products comprising of chemicals are ample to damage the skin. You would be pleased to know that henna is derived from the herbs and is completely secure to be applied to the body. It is the reason that it is also applied to the hair for the hair dyeing purpose. One of the key roles of mehndi is that it soothes the body and provides relief from the heat. For this reason, it is applied to the hands and feet so that heating up of the body can be properly addressed. The optimum safety of henna makes it an ideal product to be used as frequently as you like.

Mehandi should be used in its original condition without mixing of chemicals to it. The unadulterated mehndi ensures to impress you with its key benefits. It is worthy to mention that some of the mehndi in the market is mixed with the chemicals so that you may get the instant and darker color on your skin while applying mehendi designs. Avoid purchasing such sorts of mehndi else you would have some serious health issues such as burning, irritation, redness, etc.

Preparation and Working of Mehndi

The leaves of mehndi tree are gathered and then these are then subjected to drying. Upon drying, these are crushed well into powder. The coarse powder of mehndi hinders you to have a smooth paste. Now, consider making a smooth paste of it with the addition of liquid such as water. Besides this, various other useful liquids are considered for getting potential outcomes. This generally includes the mild acidic liquids, strong tea, or lemon juice. All such ingredients are quite readily available and are cost-effective too. So, you can make a selection regarding your desired one to mix with the fine powdered henna leaves. Keep on stirring this quite well until you get the desired consistency of the paste.

Now, fill it in the cone so that the mehndi can flow out easily and smoothly for the adoring the body with glamours and impressive mehndi designs. The design of mehndi left at your body such on hands, neck, arm, legs, feet, back etc would grant temporary stains which would grant a gorgeous appeal to you in the wink of an eye. The penetration of mehndi is superficial as it does not go quite deep but penetrates just on the skin layers. The removal of mehndi is dependent on your skin. As the skin exfoliates, the temporary stains of mehandi designs also vanish. The temporary mehndi designs vary from the permanent ink tattoos in the regard that the ink tattoos goes quite deep and so does not get removed with exfoliation.

Temporary Stains of Mehndi

You may observe the fact that mehndi does not seem to be of dark color but as the designs are applied on the body parts then it depicts the dark color. Why is it so? How does it get the dark color on the body? Is there any magic associated with it which grants darker appeal to the mehndi designs? So, today you are going to get the logical answer of the queries that bombard your mind regarding the mehndi color. The darkening of the mehndi designs often begins within 48 hours and you enjoy the brightness and eminent appeal of mehendi design. The reason for this phenomenon is oxidation. The mehndi stain gets oxidized with the air and keeps on darkening. The phenomena are the same as that of the apple. It is worthy to mention here that no staining would be achieved until the henna leaf release a chemical named, lawsone. Lawsone is the main chemical which is characterized to provide the staining to the skin.

How to Boost Mehendi Design Color?

A lot of formulas and tactics are applied to getting the extreme dark stain. The mehndi designs with light color are of no value at all. It is ample to sadden oneself. Hence, mehndi lovers put some effort to ensure the dark color. Select the essential oil having the optimum level of terps, monoterpene alcohols in it so that your dream of having mehndi design with improved skin stain would be fulfilled.

But how long does the color of henna design last? Generally, the duration of mehndi stains ranges from 1 week to 3 weeks. However, a lot of factors is involved in deciding how long it would take to vanish form skin. The thick motifs take much time to remove from your body however the thin patterns and motifs leave the skin quite rapidly. The thick and heavy designs are usually applied at the palms of the hands. One amazing factor that let you relish the ravishing mehndi designs is the nature of mehendi. You get better mehndi stains when your mehndi is having more alkaline pH. Another fact is that the skin of younger people would have mehndi stains for longer than older ones. The reason behind this that their skin is much active and healthier. Last but not least, darken mehendi designs are observed on the body of the people have warmer body temperatures.

Potential Benefits of Mehndi

Mehndi is well known throughout the globe due to its optimum benefits. It is used for its amazing properties to relive the skin from rashes. Other ideal aspects of mehndi are the skin conditioner, improved scalp health, prevent hair loss, balances oil production and pH, hair conditioning, antimicrobial properties, and decrease inflammation. A single product with lots of marvelous outcomes. You must know how to utilize it properly for gaining such benefits. The regular use of it is necessary so that you can experience the beneficial outcomes of it. It protects the skin quite well and also aid in detoxifying the body. Headache, dandruff, and hair loss prevention are some of its desired effects for which henna is being used. People having maximum exposure with the sun would be relaxed and enjoy to know that Heena is responsible for preventing the skin from the tan. How? Well, the mehndi stained body is responsible for blocking the passage of sun rays into the skin. The sun burning and sun tanning is prevented at such body parts.

Stunning Mehndi Designs and Weddings

The combination of weddings with mehndi designs is quite charming. Asian weddings especially the wedding weddings were considered incomplete with the use of intricate and trendy patterns of mehndi designs. It was one of the major rituals where the hands of the bride need to be embellished with the adorable mehndi designs. Bride gets an extraordinary and traditional appeal in the red color of mehndi on her hands and feet. Indian mehndi designs were quite prevailing for the weddings and other being the Arabian mehndi designs. The relation of mehndi with the wedding is quite old. Not only the bride but the friends of brides as well as the guests love to explore for the most elegant and enchanting mehndi designs to light the event with fashion and style.

The significance of mehndi designs can never be denied for the bride. Some of the brides urge to decorate their bodies with quite thin and unique mehndi designs throughout their body. So, that it seems that she has taken a bath in mehndi. The craze to mehndi designs is quite contagious. There is a general myth too regarding the mehndi and brides. It is said that the darken mehndi color of the bride depicts about the spouse love. The brighter the mehndi color would be, the more the spouse would love her. Hence, it is taken as fun and excitement to view the color of the bride’s mehndi. The long-lasting effect is the majority dependent on your aftercare routine. If you wash clothes or utensils too much after the mehndi, then the temporary stain would be removed from the skin merely in a few days. However, applying oil or sugar syrup on mehndi designs ensure the prolonged stay of mehndi designs on the body.

Simple Mehndi Designs

Simplicity is just marvelous in its own. It has to power to drag the attention of people towards you. Mehndi designs having simple motifs and patterns ensure the fascinating appeal. These are amazingly easy to apply on the hand. It basically avoids oneself form too much little grease. This is known to be a perfect choice for emergency conditions when you are run short of time. Why miss the mehndi merely because you are having had a shortage of time? Take the best benefit of mehndi designs and get it applied to your hands and feet in merely a few minutes and let the magic begin. Get an entirely adorable look rapidly and do not let yourself deprive of such trendy fashion.

It is not associated with a shortage of time only. Many of the ladies are inclined to the simple mehndi designs. They love to enjoy simpler designs on their beautiful skin in order to enhance their elegance. It is equally suited to the little girls as well as the grown-ups and considered to the useful mehndi designs for the parties and events such as farewell party, welcome party, birthday party, friend’s engagement, etc. For having the simple mehendi designs, mehandi designs, and much more, you just need to hold the mehndi cone in your hand like a pen. Then, think of the most attractive mehendi designs and keep on moving the cone according to so that you get the perfect design accordingly. Most popular of these include 3 part simple design, opposite motif pattern, the ring style, simple henna design, two motifs simple mehndi design, etc.

Arabic Mehndi Designs

Arabic Mehndi designs are those which are linked with immense happiness, pleasure, confidence, and surely style. This worldwide choice is immensely extraordinary and worthy for all sorts of occasions. Ladies with Arabic mehandi designs are the perfect spotlight of the events. They know well how to win the heart of others as these get a lot of appreciation and praise for their excellent selection of mehndi designs. It is the power of this marvelous mehndi design that evens kids are attracted towards it and demand their mothers to embellish their hands with such impressive motifs and patterns.

These designs are amazingly bold having thicker outlines. They run long from hands to the arms and from feet to the legs. Indeed, these are applied on the neck in the design of choker or necklace. Not only this, ladies love to get it applied to their back as well especially when they are gonna wear backless dresses. Arabic mehndi designs are surprisingly the most commonly adopted style with the modish appearance. The free-flowing trails of it are quite inspiring and charming as well. This style is well known for the neat checkered arrangements, free-flowing diagonal trails, leafy motifs, paisleys, and floral artwork. Creativity and innovation lead to the massive popularity of Arabic mehndi designs. With the passage of time, a lot more intricate elements have been incorporated in the Arabic mehndi designs. Entangling of the leafy patterns and free-flowing elegant floral patterns grant distinctive look. Shading provides a lively appeal and gives the classier edge to the design. As the majority of the patterns of the Arabic mehndi designs are bold so it stays longer on the body as compared to other mehndi designs.

Mehndi Designs for Kids

Love and attraction of kids for the wonderful mehndi designs for kids is natural. When they see beautiful hands and feet of ladies having the inspiring and glamorous mehndi designs then they eager to have such on their hands too. The design for the kids differs from adults. Kids wearing adorable frocks or colorful dresses should have cute mehndi designs rather than the intricate ones. The innocence of kids is uplifted in such brilliant mehndi designs. The hands and feet of the kid should not be covered entirely with the mehndi. The concept of having geometrical shapes is quite prevailing as kids mehndi designs. It does not require being a single geometrical shape but can be the combination of different geometrical shapes in order to formulate a shape.

Moon, sun, star, flowers, Tikki design, circle, Ambi etc are the valuable ones to be considered for kids mehndi design. Other sublime designs for the kids include the heart design, uber-cute rhino, floral design with dangling chains, etc. Different shapes of caricature with mehndi are often applied to the cute little hands and feet. The sensitive skin of kids remains safe when the mehndi is organic so ensure to determine first that either the cone mehndi which you are going to use on kid’s skin is free of chemicals or not. Minimalist and clear designs work best with the kids as the risk of smudging is maximum while applying mehndi to kids.

Pakistani Mehndi Designs

Mehndi has gained extraordinary recognition in the Asian world that it is now a part and parcel of almost all gatherings. Ladies love to show off their Pakistani Mehendi Designs to others and feel pleased when get appreciation. Weddings and social functions are incomplete without these. Designs should be trendy enough to attract but simple enough to prevent being smudged. If you are exploring for the minimal designs then you can carry stylish designs for the fingers only. Ladies having a strong attraction and love for mehndi can keep on wearing such designs even on a routine basis.

You can leave the whole hand bare and can consider either the finger or wrist for the design for a casual basis. When you feel to give vent to your urge then you can go a little extra by considering your feet for mehndi. Stylish mehndi designs which are illuminated in an elegant manner are ample to cast a spell on others. So, add on the glowing element to the mehndi designs by either fulfilling the spaces with colorful glitter or by applying the glitter to the design as a boundary.

It is basically the mehndi design which is a hybrid of Arabic mehndi design and Indian mehndi design. In the Rajasthani Mehndi, the use of orange-colored or red-colored Mehndi designs is massively popular. However, in Pakistani Mehndi Designs, you would find the same type of mehndi tattoo but in black colored mehndi. Arabic style and Indian patterns are combined together to craft outstanding hybrid designs. The spaces in the design aim to uplift the design. However, many of the mehndi artists fill these spaces with dots, teardrops, or other unique little elements to provide complete coverage to hands. The traditional outfit coupled with amazing motifs generates the impact which you wishes you have.

Indian Mehndi Designs

Most enchanting and charming Indian mehndi designs include the latest mehndi designs for feet, elegant mehndi designs for hands, and much more. Indian mehndi designs illustrate the ultimate significance of henna for the Asian culture. Even, the blueprints of it thoroughly enjoyed and adopted by the neighboring countries such as Bangladesh. The influence of Indian mehndi designs is quite strong that even Pakistani ladies like to beautify their hands and feet with such designs on their special occasions. This acute ingredient of happiness is comprised of a plethora of fabulous and inspiring designs. It can range from quite minimal patterns to the highly intricate ones.

Matrimonial occasions are concerned with the perfect loading of hands and feet with a different combination of distinctive designs. These are just ample to grant a breathtaking appeal to the bride. The meshy structure and the cross lines are the most prominent part. Different colors of mehndi are used for applying mehndi. It can be white-colored mehndi, red-colored mehndi, red-brown colored mehndi, Arq wali mehndi, and much more. Each and every type of style has its own peculiar significance. So, you must keep your hands on the designs which capture your mind instantly. Hands filled with mehndi and having the groom’s name hidden in it is a popular activity that is enjoyed in Indian culture to the most.

For the brides, it is also considered to have the design on hand and feet that is just the mirror image of the other. Likewise, the stories are also crafted in the form of Easy mehndi designs on the hand and feet of the bride. There is wonderful innovation and variety available in the Indian mehndi designs so one finds it difficult to make a selection.

In a Nutshell

It is rightly said old is gold. The older designs were of paramount importance and hence you would figure out that elements of older designs are available in almost every style. The astonishing benefit of mehndi makes it a charming product to use. Achieve the amazing health benefits with the right use of mehndi and kick out the health issues immediately. Applying henna designs is an art which gets a boost in smoothness as the artist keep on trying different designs on a frequent basis. Extend the designs to different portions of the body so that you get to know how to apply it at such parts with ease.