Top Five reasons Olive Oil is best for hair growth |scientific Evidence|

Top Five reasons Olive Oil is best for hair growth |scientific Evidence|

Olive oil from the ancient Roman has been practiced as a health product. Olive oil for hair regrowth has been amazing and its proved through various modern research conducted on baldness and use of olive oil. People all around the World claims olive oil best for the hair, skin, and digestion. It even also has a tendency to lower the body weight. Have a look at the reasons that make olive oil best among all its alternatives.

It prevents Hair Loss:

Hair follicle and shafts get strengthened with this miracle oil. It prevents them from breaking off quickly. The presence of omega-6 Fatty acids and omega-9 fatty acid will aid in storing the water in a dry environment and makes them more bendable and smooth, it ultimately reduces the chances of loss. READ THE ROLE OF ARGAN OIL FOR HAIR LOSS

Olive oil benefits the Scalp:

Olive oil acts as an antioxidant that is beneficial for your skin and scalp health. No matter if you eat it or utilize it externally it soothes thy itchy and dry scalp. It significantly reduces the many problems including dandruff, dryness and flaky skin.

Olive oil can be used in multiple ways for hair growth

Generally, every hair oil cannot be consumed in your diet, but olive oil can be served as a cooking oil. No matter you ingest it or use topically, the amazing benefits will reach you anyway and will surely work for you. You can find plethora options for olive oil recipes for hair growth, but one is mandatory to make it warm before applying.

Olive oil can stop baldness

People suffering from baldness should give try to olive oil, as its extremely beneficial for it. Especially for the males, their baldness is caused due to excessive DHT. The DHT hormones make the follicle shaft thicker, and it results in breaking the hair before they reach any reasonable length.

olive oil reduces the baldness

Easily accessible

The olive oil for hair is easily accessible. You can use it separately or can go for shampoo or conditioner enriched with olive oil that will be almost in every shop near you.  Moreover, the capsules of olive oil are also readily available in the market