How to Apply or Use Castor Oil for Hair Better Growth

How to Apply or Use Castor Oil for Hair Better Growth


It is extracted from the Castor seeds for the plant itself. The yellow color oil is cold pressed without any wastage of its nutrients. The researchers show a number of uses of castor oil.  This natural oil is using for multipurpose like in manufacturing beauty products and cosmetics. The beauty industry has been progressing day by day by using such natural oils. Now, having naturally shiner and enviable hair is not too far dream. As the healthy and long hair always been attraction part for everyone at any age. Regular massage of castor oil makes your hair stronger and smoother.

How to Apply Castor Oil on Hair? 

As the castor oil has antifungal and antibacterial ingredients properties, it helps in effective regrowth of hair. People who are facing the problem of hair loss, the castor oil prevents the excessive hair loss. And give the hair a new life. It happens because of the intense blood circulation to the scalp. Finally, it stops hair loss and improves its growth unimaginably faster. Castor oil is very thick and sticky to use it's easily to apply on hair. One tablespoon is enough for regular use. Massage with castor oil gently on the scalp. Wash off castor oil for hair and blow your hair. Most people get the better result just after few washes.


 How to Apply Castor Oil on Hair?


  • Treatment for Split Ends

Castor oil reduces the split ends and fills the damaged hair gaps. It strengthens the grip on the hair shaft and helps in stopping breakages.

  • Thickness and Regrows hair

By suing thrice time a week the outer layer of hair shaft reduces fall out easily. Moistens the gaps by gentle massage makes hair thinker and stronger.  

  • Treatment for Dandruff

Castor oil protects hair damage when using it on hair. Chemical substances present in dyes and hair products can make hair damaged and causes many problems. By using the castor oil it penetrates so well to give a protective layer.

  • Stronger and Shiner

It improves follicle and scalp health. It strengthens the root of your hair and reduces the hair fall. It contains ricinoleic acid and fatty acids definably nourish and boosting up the hair growth.

  • Itchy and dry scalp

Omega -6, vitamin E and minerals are most beneficial for healthy hair. They show an amazing result and for the treatment of itchy and dry scalp. Due to its thick form, it smoothly moistens the skin of head and roots of the hair and gives an effective result. It protects the outer layer of the hair shaft and revives the hair growth. The true benefits of natural hair oil sometimes are been unnoticed often for many centuries. But nowadays, people are becoming well updated and upgrade to the amazing effectiveness of the natural oil. Jojoba oil and black seed oil mix with castor oil can be more useful for hair.