Homemade Hair Mask For Dry or Damaged Hair

Homemade Hair Mask For Dry or Damaged Hair

Damaged hair will lower your confidence, and all you want is to restore the health of your hair. You’ll surprise that there are some kitchen ingredients helping you out in getting the fuller, healthy and beautiful hair. The hair mask we have suggested are primarily who are struck with broken or dry hair, and desperately seeking ways to restore.

What are damaged hair:

Hair damaged is due to lack of oil, and the hair has more chances for split ends, and easily breaks.

The top remedies for your hair to restore the health

The purpose of these ingredients to provide enough oil and moisture, so they can stay protected from further damage. You can mix up the various ingredients listed below on the basis of their availability and your need.


Restore hair elasticity and saves your hair from split ends, and dandruff. You can mash the half banana and mix with other ingredients.

Olive oil and coconut oil

These are best oil treatments for all hair problems and provide the most satisfying result. Moreover, are known for their nutrient enriched properties and has been used for centuries as the best moisturizer for hair.


 Honey is a great natural moisturizer, and best if you have dry hair, moreover due to its bleaching effects it also lightens up your hair color, so if you reluctant to bring any changes in your hair color, then refrain from using it.


It has properties similar to the honey, but always make it a bit dilute( by adding a water)


Unflavoured gelatin is an excellent way to provide your damaged hair a protein treatment. make sure you are adding water, humectant, and vinegar for getting the best result.


Eggs are essential for making your hair stronger and fuller, they strengthen your hair follicles, and known for providing the immunoglobulins, Omega-3 fatty acids, and other micronutrients.

hair mask

hair mask

hair mask

hair mask

Wrapping up:

Banana, honey, eggs, gelatin, glycerine, avocado, and oils are proven ways to gain the pre-health of your back. You can use these masks separately or by creating a mixture of this constituent you are in need of.