Getting Rid Of Dandruff With Three Easiest Methods

Getting Rid Of Dandruff With Three Easiest Methods

Dandruff that often causes mild itching and flaking to the scalp is the common problem, and most people suffer from it in any phase of their life. The flaky white scalp will also increase the hair fall, and lowers your self-esteem. We have three easiest methods that will help you to get rid of it in a week.

First method:

The first method is the best and tested remedy by thousands of individuals, and consists of ingredients that generally, found at every home.


Olive oil or neem oil, and preferably a mixture of both these.

How to start:

Olive oil simply is the best remedy that lowers dandruff to a significant extent. You need to leave your hair with olive oil for at least an hour or two, and then rinse with a shampoo that has lower sulfur.

Alternative way:

You can make a mixture of 4-5 tablespoon of olive with a crushed neem powder. Apply it your hair, and get the fruitful result.

You can feel itchy when you apply it to your scalp, but it is normal sensation.

first method

Second method:

The second method is super easy and will require only one ingredient to get the most satisfying result.



How to start:

You can apply a fresh lemon juice, and simple message and distribute it evenly. Lemon juice will start reacting in your scalp and requires at least 40-45 minutes for the complete reaction.

Third method:

It is the last method that gives you an amazing or permanent result and makes your scalp 100% dandruff free if you repeat the process every week.


Fenugreek seeds

How to get started with the process:

Grind the methi fenugreek and apply it in your head, and leave it with an hour at least and rinse water your hair with lukewarm water.

Other tips

  1. Wash your hair daily with a medicated anti-dandruff shampoo.
  2. Have a diet that is protein enriched e.g., fish and egg yolks.
  3. Stay calm and tension free.
  4. Cover your head with a cap or hat while visiting any polluted