Easy Tutorials For Five Latest French Braids

Easy Tutorials For Five Latest French Braids

If you have a beautiful set of healthy and strong hair, try out these latest Women hairstyles and add onto your appealing look and attire. Today I am going to discuss the French braids which are quite popular and give you a young, sweet and charming appearance.

One french side braid:

This hairstyle is for special occasions and parties for people with long hair. All you have to do is just take a  Wide portion of your hair on either of the sides, braid it up ( plaits ) and tie the end. Now comb the entire rest portion and bring all your hair on the side of the braid and let it lose.

Three braid plaits:

This hairstyle goes best with office meetings. First divide your hair into three parts: bangs on both the sides and the middle hair. Then braid all the three portions separately and tie the ends. So you get a set if there braided hair strands. Next, you have to braid up these three strands, and that's it. This is a simple hairstyles for office and school and easy to follow. So make sure you try this hairstyle to present yourself in a neat and tidy yet stylish braid to present yourself as a sophisticated person.

Two Side braid and bun:

This is a perfect hairstyle for your prom dress, annual functions or a ceremony. Mostly side braids and bun match with a fancy long gown or maxi and gives a fairy tale appearance to your personality Take a wide portion of hair on the right and braid it. Then take a wide portion of hair on the left and braid again. Tie the two braids with a knot in the center. After this, brush up your loose hair below and create a simple bun. Incorporating two twists into a bun is always a good idea to go for a special occasion.

The side braid and braided bun:

Another very stylish and appealing hairstyle for girls can side braids with a braided bun. This particular hairstyle is quite popular among the showbiz celebrates and Hollywood actress. First, you have to prepare braids of the front section of hair on both the sides, similarly like the previous one. Now you will brush up your hair to make a ponytail as high as possible from the remaining hair. Make sure that your braids do not damage in due time. Now make a braid of your ponytail and tie up. Once you're done with braiding your ponytail curl and roll it up to form a braided bun. An extremely elegant hairstyle that enhances your glamorous look.

One side French braid and curls:

Love curls ...then try out this simple hairstyle at home. Take a wide portion on one side and braid it up neatly. Take a few bobby pins or simple pins and fix the braid into the center of your hair at the back. Now brush your hair properly and curl up the ends. You can use a professional curler or an iron rod or even a toller depending how long you want your curls to be and keeping in mind this length and density of your hair. This particular hairstyle suits best on young girls, teenagers and young women on traditional weddings and parties.

So these are some of the easiest yet trending stylish hairstyles that you must try.

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