10 Activities an Imperial Nanny Will Help With

10 Activities an Imperial Nanny Will Help With

An Imperial Nanny will supervise and care for their charges at all times Look after the children’s needs, welfare, development and health and safety Provide basic first-aid, as required.

A nanny can be flexible in terms of what level of care they provide: Whether you need tutoring, sleep-ins, school pick ups or even holiday care, the right nanny will provide.

  • Timely pick-up from school

School days often end before the working day has finished. If both parents are working, it can be difficult to get the children from school in the evenings. An imperial nanny will take that layer of stress out of the equation, picking up your children for you and bringing them home. If you need, some will also do the morning school run.  

  • Feeding them

Plan and prepare nutritious food taking into account likes/dislikes, allergies and the families’ cultural diet/any cultural restrictions. Order the children’s food online or go food shopping and prepare the meals.

  • Homework help

Imperial Nannies will provide help and encouragement to your children, ensuring they stay on top of their classes and attain good grades. You, as a parent, can rest assured that your child is staying on top of their responsibilities with the help of a nanny. 

  • Driving to extracurricular activities

If you go for a nanny, who is a qualified driver, your children will be able to get to extra-curricular activities, trips and playdates while in the care of your nanny.

  • Teaching extra lessons

Extra tuition will help your child succeed in school and life. You can hire a nanny with expertise in an extra subject, such as teaching a second language. If you hire a bilingual nanny, they can teach them that extra language.

  • Organising play-dates and fun with other kids

Your child needs a social life! A nanny can come in useful befriending other parents and organising playdates with other children. They will be the schedule-managers for your child’s life, and may even work out birthday parties etc, ensuring your child will always be included.

  • Creative projects

Being creative is very important for your child’s mental development. A nanny can get those creative cogs whirring by giving your child fun art projects and making sure they spend time outdoors, appreciating nature.

  • Help with children’s laundry

If you don’t have time to wash the kid’s clothes, your nanny can give a helping hand, making sure your child will have clean and dry clothes for school. Although nannies and housekeepers as not the same thing, your childcarer will take care of their charge’s needs.  

  • Clean them and get them ready for bed

If you are late home, your nanny can manage bedtime duty. Giving your child a bath, getting them tucked into bed and reading a story to them, and waiting until you are home, to make sure they are sleeping soundly.

  • Emergency cover and school holiday help

The great thing about hiring a nanny is how dedicated to your family they are. They will keep your children busy throughout school holidays, and in case of emergencies. If you are working during school holidays, your nanny can take the weight off your shoulders by keeping your children occupied throughout half term.  

And if she can squeeze in more to her day, she could possibly run errands…

  • Collect and drop off parcels/mail to/from the post office
  • Drop off and collect the dry cleaning
  • Fill car with fuel as required to ensure tank is full for the weekend
  • Pick up items to supplement the weekly shop as required when items run out
  • Coordinate tradespeople (by pre-arranging appointments, providing access and being present as necessary during works)